Choosing stone for your new kitchen or renovation? We can replace old countertops with new ones made from natural stones, engineered stones, and porcelain.


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About the service

As stone specialists, we bring the beauty and strength of natural stone, engineered stone, marble, and porcelain into kitchens. Imagine the heart of a home, where meals are prepared and families gather – that's where Acanthus plays a significant role in making it special.

For new kitchens, we collaborate with builders and designers to select the perfect stone. Natural stones like granite, marble, and quartzite are treasures from the earth – strong, unique, and each slab tells a different story. We meticulously cut, shape, and polish these stones to create stunning countertops that will last for years.

Renovating kitchens is another exciting part of our job. Families often want a fresh look without changing everything. We can replace old countertops with new ones made from natural stones, engineered stones, and porcelain.

Whether crafting countertops from natural stones or utilizing the modern power of engineered stone, or even creating the sleek beauty of porcelain, we're here to make kitchens look fantastic and work beautifully. Acanthus turns kitchen dreams into reality, one stone at a time.

What's included

We deal with reputable businesses who provide 10-15 year warranties with all their products ensuring you have peace of mind when purchasing from us. We will gladly come to your home with samples to make sure that the colour and texture you have chosen match your decor.

At Acanthus Marble & Granite, we work together with you to bring your dream home to life!


"Thank you for a very professional installation. The disruption when renovating a kitchen is pretty severe and we were relying on your company to be there when we needed you, and the end result of your work looks great. It’s nice to know that there are still some companies around to provide a prompt, efficient service. Thank you!"
Keith & Brenda Farmer

“Thank you for our fabulous granite kitchen benches, you made my renovation a reality. You were a wealth of information when we discussed my options, and I have a lot of respect your trade knowledge. It was a seamless transition in record time, I love my benches that now complement my existing cupboards."
Joan Browne

“Our kitchen and bathrooms look amazing! Thank you for a professional job and the price was outstanding in comparison to the big warehouse quote. It was refreshing to actually talk to a professional in stone. We felt totally happy buying local, and having a face to face conversation about our needs. We will definitely recommend you."
Alan & Carol Kenny